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Access Control and  Intrusion Detection

 Secure your business with our Access Control Systems.

Idemia Morpho Access Control

We supply and install all your access control needs:

  • Hardware: Controllers, Maglocks and Readers – Biometrics, RFID, Thermal, Facial Recognition
  • Accessories: Emergency Break Glass, Alarm Input/Output  
  • Vehicle Barriers: Access, Parking, Toll, Traffic, Barrier Booms and Laser Scanners
  • Toll and Parking Terminals
  • Pedestrian Gates: Turnstiles, Wing Gates, Swing Gates, Retractable Gates
  • Intrusion Detection: Motion Detection Sensors, Window and Door Sensors, Panels

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What is access control and why should I install it?

Access Control Turnstile Idemia Morpho

Access Control is managing who enters a location and when. It is the locking and releasing of doors through software authentication means rather than a traditional key.

You are probably familiar with RFID cards, where a serial number is embedded on a small chip in the card, and Biometrics, where a person’s fingerprint is linked to a serial number. But access control technology has come a long way! Combined with artificial intelligence and computer vision, we now have facial recognition readers with built-in mask detection and temperature measurement modules, quickly responding to the need for contactless solutions.


  • Access levels can be assigned to staff allowing entrance only to assigned areas or only during specific hours
  • Integrated metal detectors and turnstiles can increase your security
  • Integrate with video surveillance and Fire Detection Systems for enhanced safety
  • Facial Recognition blacklists can be established to prevent unauthorized entry.
Access Morpho Idemia Tablet
Intruder Detection

Intrusion Detection

  • Alarms when there is an unauthorized entrance in an office or building.
  • Consists of motion detection/ contact sensors that alert a wired or wireless panel of an intrusion event. The panel will in-turn set off an audible alarm and notify security using an SMS message to a mobile phone or a recorded call.
  • Can be integrated with the Access Control and CCTV systems.


  • Accurately record the time and attendance of all employees for integration with HR Payroll.
  • Integrate with a Visitor Management System to control movement and eliminate logbooks
  • Improves the flow of employees and vehicles
Access Control Office
Access Control RFID Parking


  • Cut down on security personnel, paying for the system in reduced manpower
  • Systems for vehicles using windshield RFID stickers integrated with boom gates can save on manpower 
  • Lifetime warranty, saving you money on repairs and replacement.

We supply and install the best Access Control Systems.

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