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Our Partners

Magnetic Autocontrol Germany 

Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH’s is part of the FAAC Group and is known as the best vehicle boom gate and pedestrian turnstile company in the world. They develop technologies that set standards regarding function, efficiency and reliability, shaping a growing market with trailblazing product innovations. Their experience in numerous market segments give customers precisely the access control solutions and services that they require. All products are made in Germany and Italy.

The vehicle boom gates on the Skyway and NLEX are all from Magnetic Autocontrol.


1. Barriers – Access, Parking, Toll, Traffic, Barrier Booms and Laser Scanners

2. Terminals – Car and Truck

3. Pedestrian Gates

– FlowMotion – manage flows of persons, to automatically detect how employees, customers and visitors are moving, as well as to optimise internal processes and thus increase security

– Access Control MP – turnstiles, wing gates, swing gates, retractable gates, wing gates, with a variety of designs, speeds and security levels, to suit varied applications

– Others – Immigration, Perimeter Protection, Automated Fare Collection, Boarding

Magnetic Control Complete Catalogue

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