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Our Partners

Inter-M Korea

Inter-M is the primary manufacturer of PA, BGM, Evacuation, Paging and Pro Audio products in Korea, capturing over 70% of the market with its integrated audio, video and communication solutions. Its engineers and researchers develop A/V systems which combine high quality audio with the transmission and control of HD video, earning the company numerous utility and design patents over the years. Inter-M’s global network spans 5 continents, as the company rivals top international brands in quality and reliability while maintaining quality service and affordability.


  1. SOURCE – Wired Mic, CD Recorder, Tuner and Remote
  2. CONTROLLER – Software, Control, Input, Analog Mixer, Input, Audio distributor, Monitor, Speaker line checker, Power, Transmitter, Receiver, Signal Router, ARM, Switch Hub, Video Mixer, Network Converter
  3. AMPLIFIER – Table Type, Rack Type, Power AMP
  4. SPEAKER – Ceiling, Column, Wall, Horn, Line Array, Point Source, Powered Speaker
  5. ACCESSORIES – Stand, Blank Panel, Wall Volume, Attenuator
  6. CONFERENCE ROOM – Complete solution

Inter M Korea PA BGM Brochure

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