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Hikvision Ltd.

Hikvision is the largest CCTV company in the world, manufacturing a full line of High Resolution IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, Access Control Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems. Hikcental software integrates CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection into one platform. Featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. 


  1. Network Products – Compared with the traditional analog setup, an IP-based system does so much more, like better image quality, higher resolution, tons of advanced features, including Artificial Intelligence, and it requires fewer devices and considerably fewer cables. IP products include Network Video Recorders (NVRs), PTZ dome cameras, panoramic cameras, cameras for special applications and a variety of network transmission equipment and accessories. 
  2. Turbo HD Products – Analog security products are much simpler, making it easier to set up and maintain; and to fulfil the same security needs, an analog solution is usually more cost-effective than an IP solution.
  3. Thermal Products – Using advanced thermal technology for perimeter protection, fire detection, temperature measurement to find hot spots and invisible defects on machinery or electrical systems and to survey areas that are hard to reach with conventional measurement tools. These cameras can also identify people with elevated temperatures.
  4. Transmission and Display Products and Accessories – Complete an efficient and optimal security system with PoE switches that offer ultra-long distance transmission, reliable power supplies with high-voltage surge protection, VIP ports that prioritize important data, monitors and commercial displays that are designed and engineered to produce the utmost in vivid, pixel-perfect images and videos. 

HikVision CCTV Product Brochure


  1. Face Recognition Terminals – Quick and reliable ID verification even under difficult lighting conditions. Hikvision’s deep-learning-empowered face recognition terminals set a new standard in access control.
  2. FingerPrint Terminals – Standalone terminals integrate the latest fingerprint algorithms while supporting multiple verification methods, including ID cards and PIN codes.
  3. Card Terminals – For users who wish to use non-biometric access control devices, card terminals are a great choice.  
  4. Readers – Fast and accurate access with card, password, or fingerprint.
  5. Controllers – It offers users various functions of access control. With its high adaptability, the device is suitable for a range of different application scenarios, and can be integrated with various other devices, such as card readers, locks or push buttons, etc.
  6. Turnstiles – Hikvision Turnstiles integrate not only with face recognition terminals. They also offer users advanced access control functions and multiple combinations of authentication methods. 
  7. Electrical Locks – Paired with access control device for advanced door control.


  1. Emergency Alarm – specifically designed for use in public places to expand safety, confidence, and security. These alarms are especially useful when emergency situations occur and timely responses are required.
  2. Security Radar – ideal for monitoring large, exposed spaces with harsh weather, and where the perimeter environment is too complex for the deployment of only video surveillance cameras.
  3. Intrusion Detector – a wide range of both wired and wireless detectors for many scenarios. Compact design, easy installation, and great reliability.
  4. Intrusion Alarm Panel – offers intruder alarm solutions for residential and SOHO (small office/ home office) solutions, to commercial, healthcare, seaports, airports, and critical infrastructure applications.
  5. Perimeter Protection – an external perimeter security system for detection of intruders outside – before they can do any damage.

HikVision Access Control, Video Intercom and Alarm Products Brochure

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