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What is mesh wifi and why should I install it?

A Smart Mesh network is a peer-to-peer, multi-hop wireless network wherein participant nodes cooperate to route packets. Basically, mesh allows access points to communicate with each other and load balance to assure adequate capacity at different areas of the building. Multiple radios and antennas in each access point assure no weak spots in an office.

  • Smart Mesh networks are self-healing: If any one of the nodes fails, the nodes note the blockage and re-route data.
  • Smart Mesh networks are self-organizing: When a new node appears, it becomes assimilated into the mesh network.


Mesh Wifi Savings
  • Mesh networks greatly increase the area that your wifi covers, while delivering fast and high-quality internet connection.

  • It can solve most, if not all of your wifi problems. By creating a wireless link of wifi stations, it minimizes the likelihood of dead spots and makes your internet connection faster.

  • Since the mesh system is wireless, it is very easy to install and uninstall, making the whole system easily adaptable and expandable.


Mesh Wifi Efficiency
  • Because mesh networks use fewer wires, it’s easier and cheaper to set up compared to traditional ethernet cabling.

  • With Ruckus SmartMesh Networking technology, Enterprises get self-forming, self-healing mesh networks at half the time and cost of traditional wireless deployments.

We supply and install the best Mesh Wifi for your business.

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