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Server Room Infrastructure

Server Room Infrastructure Solutions for your business.

Data Center Premium Line

We supply and install all your server room infrastructure needs from Patch Panels, Cabling Systems, Network Server Cabinets, Trunk Cables and all other necessary equipment.

A fire suppression system provides inert gas flooding in case of an electrical fire.

We provide full service: offices, schools, hospitals and all other types of businesses and organizations.


We provide full service to all our customers

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What is a server room and why should I install one?

A server room is a secure room which is the central hub where all network cables connect to a server and firewall. 

  • The server, UPS and Firewall are mounted in data cabinets connected to the main distribution frame.
  • The Server is connected to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and distributes internet service to individual nodes for computer and IP telephone connectivity.
  • Also provides connectivity to Wireless Access Points for WIFI throughout the facility


Server Room Infratructure Premium Line
  • A physical server room infrastructure is an invaluable resource for enterprises in the digital age due to the increasing reliance on IT for the majority of business activities and functions
  • You’ll have complete control over every aspect of your IT systems and you can modify and scale it to meet your own needs and requirements.
  • You’ll have more security, visibility and accessibility over your data.

We supply and install quality server room infrastructure brands.

We also supply & install other brands. Let's talk!

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