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Public Address, Background Music and Emergency Evacuation Systems PA/BGM

Clear, direct communication for your organization.

Product PA System

We supply and install full PA Systems:

  • Source: Mic, CD Recorder, Tuner, Remote
  • Controller: Software, Control, Mixers, Transmitters, Receivers
  • Amplifier: Table, Rack , Power AMP
  • Speaker: Ceiling, Column, Wall, Horn, Line Array, Point Source, Powered 
  • Accessories: Stand, Blank Panel, Wall Volume, Attenuator
  • Complete Conference Room Solution

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What is a public address system and why should I install it? 

A PA System is a system made up of an input source like a microphone, amplifiers, speakers and a controller. It allows you to communicate from a central panel to multiple or single areas in a building. You can assign zones which enables the ability to specify areas that will receive the broadcast announcement, alarm or page. 

  • Connect individual rooms in larger buildings with locally-controlled microphones to facilitate lectures or announcements.
  • You can include a Conference Room System for formal meetings which can be recorded in the central system.
  • Built-in mixers and FM tuners allow background music.
  • PA can be connected to the Fire Detection System to automate fire announcements and evacuation requests.

Efficient Communication.

  • Communicate quickly and effectively to a large public in various and/or specific zones of a building such as in supermarkets, malls, hospitals, schools, municipal halls and churches; and in large open areas like parking garages, stadiums and industrial zones
  • Broadcast music to all areas of your restaurant, hotel, commercial centers and offices

Security and Ease.

  • Quickly broadcast announcements and mobilize evacuations rapidly saving precious time during emergencies
  • Integrate with your fire detection system and automatically broadcast an evacuation notice and an alarm throughout the building
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance, minimal space, economical cabling and the flexibility for expansion

We supply and install the best PA System for your needs.

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