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FDAS Fire Detection & Alarm System

Fire Alarm System solutions for every organization.

We supply and install all your FDAS needs:

  • Fully Addressable & Conventional Control panels
  • Smoke & Heat Detectors
  • Modules
  • Alarm Devices
  • Inert-gas Fire Suppression Systems
  • VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detectors

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What are fire detectors and why install a system for you business?

Edwards FDAS Products

Every building requires a certified FDAS prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit. A fire alarm system is an investment in the safety of the building, contents and occupants.

All FDAS use smoke detectors and heat sensors to detect a fire before it reaches critical levels. Depending on your needs, you can choose from Zone, Semi-Addressable or Fully-Addressable FDAS.

  • Economical Conventional Zone System identifies smoke or fire in zones of a building and signals the alarm.
  • Fully-Addressable Systems employ sensors with a MAC address that allows the fire panel to pinpoint the exact room and specific location of every detector where a fire is detected, saving precious minutes when the fire is still small.
  • VESDA Systems are special detectors that can sniff minute particles in the air well before a fire can be detected by conventional detectors.


  • Early fire detection can save the lives of building occupants and limit damage to property. Interruption of your operation is also minimized.
  • Our Fire Alarm Systems can integrate with PA (public address)/ emergency evacuation systems for added safety as well as access control systems to unlock all doors and optionally disable elevators in case of a fire.
FDAS for Security
FDAS for Safety


  • Our Singapore-trained fire safety engineer can design an FDAS system that meets your security needs at an affordable cost.
  • Our Kidde Vigilant panels are modular and connectable saving 50% on wiring vs a larger panel.
  • For high-value areas like server rooms and museums, we install inert gas fire suppression systems with VESDA “smoke-sniffer” detectors that alarm at the first sign of smoke, before the start of a fire.

We supply and install the best FDAS brands.

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